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Short summary of our business:

Noudeal aims at connecting customers to locally established businesses by offering them the opportunity of customizing their experience through dedicated virtual concierge support, enhanced users’ experience made possible by technological addons at preferred rates. Target audience will focus on local for the time being and development phase will target (through a secondary platform): Proximity markets and European Key feeder markets.

About Noudeal
Noudeal.com is an online platform acting as a coupon deal site, providing to local consumers and global travelers; from Mauritius (outbound) and from abroad (inbound), pre-defined services and rate driven product portfolio proposing: products / items; accommodations, private transfers, Spas, rentals, food, and beverages offers, to personalized concierge assistance and on-demand residential based services. Pairing with the fastest growing online business sectors and answering to the generational demand for online window shopping, Noudeal.com acts as a service provider in people’s day-to-day life and as an active facilitator.

Our strength is based on the below:

  • Strong local media plan, presence over several weeks (print ad) on newspapers (Weekend, 5-plus and Defi), catalogue insert of 65.000 copies, press banner
  • August to September – phase1 followed by phase 2, to stimulate the end-of-year holidays; October to November (based on the above)
  • 3-months social media campaign with posts and boost + page like Campaign (FB and Insta) at start
  • Different methods of payment (Internet banking, CC gateway, Juice…)
  • Secured Https/SSL website
  • Testing of the platform and enhanced window (currently taking place through our PR agency on 50 pax local sample)
  • Live chat support and WhatsApp to assist the buyer and support the sale / materialization of the purchase – virtual concierge assistance
  • Back of Bus advertising (20 days on 30 buses) – TBS and UBS: UBS 100,000 views and TBS 40,000 views approx.
  • SEO, SEM and remarketing (keywords etc) with sponsored links and PPC on Google
  • Google ad strategy from our consultant based in UK (current Dir Digital Marketing Cannon Europe)

Excepted return for your company:

  • Promotion and increase of sales/revenue (through the good deal)
  • Media support for more visibility – without increasing your budget
  • Educate your audience about your products – without increasing your promotional budget
  • Capture of attention and increase of supporters – at our expense
  • Indirect sales – the customer who comes directly to you after media targeting from our side
  • Real-time publishing of your offers

Oh wait! there's more strength

  • Understanding of the partner’s business model and needs (sales / marketing / communication)
  • Recommendation on offers and unique positioning (v/s from the competition and based on market demand)
  • Newsletter to members and non-member (who opted for the newsletter) + mass mailing to generate attention and traffic to our page
  • Highlight of your offer through the website’s home page banners and on specific web sections
  • Product / article sharing capabilities on social networks (option for users to share a specific offer on their closed ones’ SoMe pages)
  • A photographer capturing the experience/product (shoots if necessary) and graphic designer for the stylization of the product/experience featured
  • Editorial content in English
  • Communication consulting agency to boost sales (support over 6 months to start)
  • One ‘Go to person’ from our team for assistance (during and after office hours)
  • Dedicated reservations and accounts team to support flawless admin and guest experience during booking tunnel
  • Strong loyalty program and aftersales services

You're definitely a winner!

  • Editorial content that stands out from the ad, management of the reputation of your company through the reviews
  • Emphasis on the individual becoming an ambassador of your company/services (content creation)
  • Cool tips on the experience or on the property (to generate incremental revenue)
  • Guest experience feedback weekly report
  • Repeated business and sharing of guest preferences/profile to your company for service personalization

Company details and business structure:

Name of Enterprise: Hinata International Ltd – Trade name Noudeal
Date: incorporated on the 25th day of June 2012 as a private company limited by shares
BRN: C12110682
Legal status: Active
Address: 6th floor Shehnaz tower, Louis Pasteur Port Louis
Tentative launch date: 15 August (local)
Parent company: WD Associates co ltd
PR/Communications agency: Create Agency – part of Taylor Smith Group
Additional License: Tour Operator license (TEL) on 28 June from Tourism Authority panel
Team members: full time actual + 7 – consultant actual x 2 – support from parent company WD Associates Co. Ltd x 4 (excluding PR/comm agency)