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Delivery Policy / Fees and Location


    • No Delivery fee on Pick up orders
    • For delivery, once you have made the payment, please contact Noudeal.com on 218 0052/ Whatsapp us on 5 254 3457 to advise on delivery options.
    • Delivery is done from 11:00 am to 7.30 pm.
    • Same-day delivery: The client must proceed with payment before 15:00 Pm so that we can better optimize your booking.
    • Delivery Fees are payable upon delivery and depending on the delivery zone/region.

Delivery is available to the following areas: 


  • Clairfonds Bonne Terre, CarreauLalliane, Closel, Riverside, Valentina, Highlands, Galea, QuatreCarreaux, Phoenix – Rs100
  • Belle Terre, Wooton, Engrais Cathan, Eau Coulee, Cite Loiseau, Floreal, Sadally, Solferino, Mon Desir, Candos, QuatreBornes, Belle Rose, Camp Fouquereaux, Aurea, Hermitage – Rs125
  • Martindale, Reduit, Ebene, Belle Rive, Camp Caval, Robinson, Curepipe, La Vigie, Les Casernes, Glen Park, Diolle, Hollyrood, Quinze Cartons, La Caverne, Vieux QuatreBornes, Treffles, Stanley, Rose Hill – Rs150
  •  Beau Bassin, St Pierre, Dagotiere, Verdun, Moka – Rs200